Agenda – SwitchMed Connect 2018

13 November 2018 - Morning Session

By invitation only. Sessions open to SwitchMed beneficiaries and partners. 

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Day 1
13 Nov 2018
Day 2
14 Nov 2018
Day 3
15 Nov 2018


Welcoming notes

Welcoming notes from the governments of Spain and Catalunya
Marta Subirà i Roca

High-level panel discussion

Welcoming notes and high-level panel discussion
Stephan Sicars
Elisa Tonda
Maciej Popowski
Enrique de Villamore Martín

Exhibition Launch

Launch of the exhibition "Switch to Action. Circular Economy in the Mediterranean", that will stay open to the public for one month. Remarks by Mr. Maciej Popowski, Deputy Director General of DG NEAR at the European Commission, and insights from SwitchMed change makers.

Evening cocktail

Informal cocktail to celebrate the launch of the exhibition.

Registration of new participants

MED TEST II Innovation Bazaar

Meet more than 20 SMEs applying impactful Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production approaches. In an innovative and interactive format, SMEs from the southern Mediterranean countries which have been supported by the MED TEST II component will present their businesses and green strategies. Businesses:
  • AMA, Morocco
  • Afrique Cables, Morocco
  • PIF, Morocco
  • Cochepa, Morocco
  • NewAmico, Tunisia
  • NOEL, Tunisia
  • MAKLADA, Tunisia
  • SAIF, Tunisia
  • ABCO, Tunisia
  • Boukellal Algeria
  • Gipates
  • Farm Frits, Egypt
  • BARIQ, Egypt
  • ABCO group Egypt
  • Kafrit, Israel
  • Farm Dairy, Jordan
  • Coca Cola, Jordan
  • Siniora, Palestine
  • Al Hijaz, Palestine
  • Malco, Lebanon
  • Skaff Dairy, Lebanon
Roberta de Palma

Refreshment Break

Scaling-up Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production

Panel discussion with experts and representatives from public and private sectors. What are the long-term impacts of the MED TEST II programme in the region and what are the next steps in boosting RECP?

Networking Lunch & Marketplace

Developing an Enabling Policy Environment for Circular Economy: Latest from Europe and the Southern Neighborhood

Panel discussion with policymakers from the region and Europe, technical experts and EU representatives. What are the latest policy developments and prospects on Circular Economy Policies? Sharing best practices from the Northern and Southern Mediterranean countries on how to develop an enabling policy environment for the Circular Economy.

Refreshment break

Sectoral policy discussions to promote Circular Economy

Parallel sessions. Get insights from SwitchMed on-the-ground experience and deep dive into sectoral policy discussions to accelerate the switch to a Circular Economy. Participants are invited to choose among one of the following sessions:
  • Sustainable consumption
  • Food value chains
  • Tourism sector
  • Textile value chains
  • Alternatives to toxic chemicals

Switchers Pecha Kucha

Impressive stories of eco and social innovations driving the shift to circular economy in the Mediterranean region. Eco-innovators:
  • Samy Mohamed, Go Bike, Egypt
  • Wissam Mansour, Lili’s Farm, Lebanon
  • Amel Ould Amer, Optima decision, Algeria
  • Mohamed Makki Maalej, M2M SA, Tunisia
  • Reef Jalamdeh, Renewable Sun, Jordan
  • Nadav Leshem, Toyswap, Israel
  • Nareman Zahda, Treating-Waste-by-Waste, Palestine
  • Si Abdelkrim Boughoud, Taxi Social, Morocco

Green Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Ecological Innovation as An Innovative Pathway towards Circular Economy: SCP/RAC’s Switchers Support Programme

Panel discussion. How to promote Green Entrepreneurship and Grassroots Ecological Innovation? Experiences and lessons learnt from SwitchMed in the Mediterranean region.

Refreshment Break

Accelerating eco and social innovation in the Mediterranean region

Parallel sessions. Get insights from SwitchMed on-the ground experience and join the debate on how to accelerate eco and social innovation in the Mediterranean region. Participants are invited to choose among one of the following sessions:
  • Innovative Financial Instruments for Green Entrepreneurs in MENA
  • Tools for Cooperative Eco-innovation and Eco-design
  • How to facilitate Access to Market and global value chains for green entrepreneurs

Networking Lunch & Marketplace

Accelerating the Circular Economy

Join these roundtable discussions to exchange and co-create with your peers and potential new partners, in order to accelerate the Circular Economy. The roundtable discussions offer a platform for cross-country and cross-sector exchange and for exploring new collaboration opportunities. Topics to be announced soon.

Refreshment break and Closing Notes

Wrap up and looking into the future. The Chairpersons of each track will be sharing the key learnings and highlights of SwitchMed Connect 2018. Closing notes by Josep Maria Tost and Borràs, Director at the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC)
Josep Maria Tost i Borràs
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