Deep-Dive into Each SwitchMed Component: Achievements and Lessons Learnt

13 Nov 2018

Deep-Dive into Each SwitchMed Component: Achievements and Lessons Learnt

Parallel working groups. Each component will have an internal exchange on the results and achievements of the first phase of SwitchMed. Beneficiaries, local partners and service providers are invited to share their experiences, challenges faced and lessons learned.


  • Working Group 1: MED TEST II component – Francesc Cambó Auditorium

The core aims of this session are to share practical experience in implementing the TEST methodology and to present the progress of the Med TEST II Programme in each country with a focus on the actual results in the pool of industrial demonstrations projects.

Main moderator:

Roberta de Palma, Chief Technical Adviser, Industrial Resource Efficiency Unit, Department of Environment, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)


  • Working Group 2: Policy component – Pau Gil Auditorium

While developing the SCP-NAP is a task that has been successfully undertaken, the new challenge ahead is SCP-NAP implementation in the context of the new international agenda 2030 of the SDG.  The participants will discuss expertise, lessons learned and good practices.

Main moderators:

Luc Reuter SwitchMed National Policy Coordinator at the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment)

Magali Outters Team Leader, SwitchMed Policy, Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC)


  • Working Group 3: Green Entrepreneurship and Civil Society Organisations Component –  Floor -1, Room 1-2

The session, opened to Local Partners and Local Mentors, has the purpose of analysing the activities implemented and give an overview about the future actions required to successfully replicate the training programme.

Main moderator:

Giorgio Mosangini, Team Leader, SwitchMed Green Entrepreneurship & Civil Society, Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC)

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