Entrepreneurs track 7: Branding and Communications for Green Entrepreneurs

20 Oct 2016
Room 3&4 (1st Floor)

Entrepreneurs track 7: Branding and Communications for Green Entrepreneurs

Green Entrepreneurs are faced with many challenges while ideating, managing and scaling up their business, one of them being how to develop a compelling brand value proposition that engages their key stakeholders and audiences to make their theory of change a reality.

In this practical session, the participants will learn how to lay the foundations and develop a branding and storytelling strategy for their ventures so that they effectively engage their key audiences and stakeholders.

The main objective of the session is to provide the participants with an structured methodology to define their venture brand. Specifically, Sonia Ruiz will assist them in understanding the Branding Development Process and help them to define the Brand essence (mission- vision- values) as well as the brand identity (storytelling). Identifying the main audiences and key stakeholders and how to engage with them (reason why) will also be tackled during the session.

The session is addressed to green entrepreneurs and organizations with a clear desire of adding value to their business propositions through branding and communications.

This session is organised in collaboration by Sonia Ruiz, Noima Meaningful Communications.

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